Our company, which was founded in 1971 in Manisa-Turkey, continues the production of plow types and other tillage tools with its educated and experienced personnel in its factory which has 13,000 sqm of indoor and 20,000 sqm of outdoor area since 1997. All sectoral innovations are followed by fairs, catalogues and on internet. The costumer requests are planned in 3D by our experienced and trained personnel. The raw materials that we use in our products are the products of the leading companies in Turkey and they all have the certifications and they are in compliance with required quality terms. Besides, our company has the potential to have any kind of material produced that may come out as a result of the project studies. All the pieces are passed through the sandblasting operations, in order to prevent the corrosion of paint and to have a better result visually. In our company, wet and powder coating facilities are available and we aim to increase the quality of our paint each passing day. In order to fulfill the customer services immediately, stocks are supplied periodically according to the statistical information about all our products. In each stage of the process, technological innovation follow-up and its implementation in the factory increase our ability to give a better service to our customers day by day. All plows and other product components that may be exposed to abrasion, are determined previously during the project phase by our experienced team and they are subjected to thermal treatment process. It ensures that our products give a longer term of service to our customers.

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